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The Land Of Light And Sun Ölüdeniz
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The Land Of Light And Sun Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz, called "The Land of Light and Sun" by the Lycians, is now on the routes of holiday lovers looking for both summer tourism and active holidays. Oludeniz, which you can reach in about 15 minutes from Fethiye city center, can be included in your holiday plan between May and October. Oludeniz beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world, was recognized as the Most Beautiful Beach in the World with 82% of the votes in 2006. Oludeniz always fascinates those who see it with its natural wonder bays, lagoons, nature where green and blue are integrated! Let's make a little discovery about what to do and where to do in Oludeniz...


1.Ölüdeniz Nature Park

Kumburnu Beach

Let's start our list with Kumburnu beach, which is the owner of the image that we always see in photographs when we say Ölüdeniz. Located within the borders of Ölüdeniz Natural Park, this beach has become one of the most famous beaches in the world with its white sandy beach, shallow sea where blue and green meet and its view. Reminiscent of tropical beaches, the beach is cautious against the wind.


2.Belcekız Beach

The road from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz, accompanied by pine trees, takes about 14 km. At the end of the winding road, Belcekız Beach will welcome you with its turquoise blue sea. When you walk in the bay, you will see the fairytale Ölüdeniz. You will find peace among the colors of nature, blue and green... The most enjoyable part will be the paragliders soaring in the sky while you swim in the waveless sea with the magic of green around you. Perhaps the paragliders that you watch with a smile on your face will turn into an unforgettable activity with a little courage, turning into an irresistible desire, and now you will be watching Ölüdeniz from the sky...


3.Butterfly Valley

The valley is located at the foot of the majestic Babadağ, one of the 100 mountains that need to be protected in the world, and within the borders of Faralya Village. Since 1995, it has been declared a 1st degree natural protected area and protected against all kinds of concrete construction.

Butterfly Valley takes its name and fame from approximately 80 species of endemic butterflies. Among these butterflies, the rare tiger butterfly lives only in the Butterfly Valley as a colony.  The steep cliffs surrounding the valley, which reach 350 meters in height, also prevent access to the valley. For this reason, transportation is done by sea. The 300-meter-long beach and the bottom of the sea are made of pebbles and the sea deepens rapidly. If you are interested in diving, the clear sea and the rocks at the bottom of the sea are very suitable for diving, making you feel like you are in an aquarium.


4.Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay is one of the protected bays and you can think of it as a deep valley. In recent years, it has gained popularity with free camping. If you are looking for an adventurous vacation experience, you can feel yourself intertwined with untouched nature in this bay. Since you can reach everywhere on foot in Kabak Bay and due to the rugged nature of the region, don't forget to bring trekking shoes and lotion against insect bites.

Aladere Waterfall = You can reach the waterfall after a 60-minute hike from Kabak Valley. Where the waterfall falls, you can swim in three natural ponds surrounded by rocks.

Blue Cave (Cold Water Cave) = As soon as you realize the blue and mysterious desolation that will give you the pleasure of discovery, you feel like you are swimming into it. The harmony between the cold effect of the water inside the cave and the warm appearance of the cave is another pleasure. The cave has only one entrance and although there is no exit, it is wide enough for a small boat to enter.

 The cave also has its own small shore where you can pitch a tent (reminder, there is no water or wc, you can pitch a tent for a short time). The water is a clear blue color thanks to the single-celled seaweeds found in the area. Diving, especially scuba diving, is a fun and interesting experience.


5.Kayaköy also known as Ghost Village

It is an old Greek village and a new commercial city. The houses, stone walls, streets and courtyards of the Greeks who were repatriated to Greece in the exchange have been preserved and the beauty of the timeless city will enchant you.

Af Tower Monastery  = It is rumored that Jesus Christ was hidden in the monastery located about 3 km from Kayaköy. The monastery, which is reached by steep slopes and pathways, offers panoramic frames to photography enthusiasts.


6.Hisaronu; Oludeniz's Host Holiday Town

Hisaronu, located between Fethiye and Oludeniz, is the beating heart of the city. Hisarönü town is located at the junction of Fethiye, Kayaköy and Babadağ. You can reach the town from the center of Fethiye by crossing the mountains through the pine trees with a short driving distance of 15-20 minutes. The reason why Hisaronu is seen as an attractive accommodation destination for Oludeniz is its proximity. The distance between Hisaronu and Oludeniz is 4 km, so you can easily reach Oludeniz in 10 minutes by car or 60 minutes on foot. As many areas in Oludeniz are considered natural protected areas, construction works are very limited. Accommodation in Oludeniz is usually in campgrounds. In order to provide alternative accommodation to Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü and the neighboring Ovacık neighborhood have been supported for tourism and a large holiday resort has been created. Another alternative that Hisarönü offers for accommodation is that the humidity is lower and the air is cooler because it is located higher than Fethiye. In addition, you can easily shop in this region, prefer entertainment venues, shop from local shops, and taste flavors from world cuisine. In the alternative holiday resort, you can choose hotels, hostels, apartments or villas according to your holiday preference. If your preference is fun, comfortable and good service, you can consider all-inclusive hotel or pension accommodation, and there are many companies where you can choose luxury and comfortable villa options with pools, where you can have a more comfortable and intertwined holiday with your family.

Zehra Group, one of the reliable companies of the region, offers many accommodation facilities as Zehra Hotel, Zehra Holiday Village, Zehra Residence Apart and Zehra Villas. Zehra Hotel and Zehra Holiday Village are two different Islamic holiday hotel groups offering a conservative, alcohol-free all-inclusive concept. Zehra Residence Apart offers three different alternatives: accommodation only, accommodation with breakfast included and half board accommodation. Apart accommodation offers clean and reliable apartment rental service. The advantage of apart accommodation is that it allows you to visit the surroundings in the comfort of home. Zehra Villas; It offers 150 villa rental options. Villas are sheltered and luxurious villas designed for individuals with Islamic holiday sensitivity (conservative villas). There are also close and spacious villas that can be rented by large families or groups of friends. Services offered with villa rental; accommodation, air conditioning / electricity / water, white goods / electronic appliances, 24/7 consultancy service if needed, pool service. You can spend more time with your loved ones during your holiday by renting a villa with half board meal service through Zehra Villas. In addition, the company, which adopts the Islamic holiday concept in the region preferred by world-famous local and foreign tourists such as Ölüdeniz, offers a beach that can be preferred by conservative men and women in accordance with its Islamic holiday concept.

Activities to Make Your Fethiye Oludeniz Vacation Unforgettable

  • You Can Walk into History on the Lycian Way!
  • You can enjoy the view and adrenaline rush with paragliding!
  • You can take a Blue Cruise with a Boat Tour!
  • Explore the Water World by Diving!
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