Our company organizes the rental of all villas on our website for a certain period of time and carries out real estate sales transactions. NOKTA GLOBAL, which started its business life in 1996 with its activities in the fields of construction and tourism, has a 25-year history; It has put together many successful investments and projects in both Turkey and international (in countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Kuwait). It serves as "Nokta Construction and Zehra Grup Hotels & Villas" by taking the leadership role in the field of construction and tourism in Fethiye and Göcek regions. It has radically changed the quality bar in its Construction and Tourism activities in Turkey and Fethiye.

Knowing the importance of this job we are doing, we are in an effort and effort to serve our guests with the logic of tourism rather than renting real estate in a professional way. We take care of all our guests individually, determine their needs and wishes, and ensure that they spend their vacation time in the best way possible. Our company acts with this principle.

Reservation Request and Process

First of all, you should determine the dates of the villa you want to rent. Then you send your pre-reservation request for the villa you specified in the pre-reservation form. Our team checks the availability of the villa on the specified dates and gets back to you as soon as possible and starts your reservation process. Your rental contract will be sent to you after depositing the pre-specified amount of the fee to our company account as Credit card, EFT and Wire Transfer. Thus, the dates of the villa you have chosen will be reserved for you. The remaining fee is delivered to the authorized person in cash at the entrance to the villa.

The customer is obliged to pay a down payment of XXXXTL at the entrance to the house. The damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of entry to the villa, and in the control to be made before the customer leaves the villa, there is no damage, missing, etc. If not, it will be refunded in cash.

The damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of check-in and any damage, missing etc. will be detected during the control before the customer leaves the villa. If not, it will be returned as it is.

Nokta Villa is the intermediary firm between the landlord and the customer. When there is a problem with the house, the landlord or the person concerned is responsible for rectifying the problem. In cases where the problem is not resolved, Nokta Villa helps to fix the problem.

Entry/Exit to the Villa

Villa check-in time is 16:30 (afternoon) and check-out time is determined as 10:00 (morning). In the meantime, the villa is being cleaned. These time zones can be changed depending on the availability of the house, with the client's approval of the host.

Garden and Pool Maintenance

Pool and garden maintenance of all villas is done by the attendant in the morning on a regular basis, and if there is any technical problem in the villa during the rental period, it will be fixed by the landlord. There are clean spare sheets, pillows and towels in our villas. If the guest requests cleaning before one week from the date of entry to the villa, an extra fee is charged.

Guest Responsibilities

Customers are obliged to use the villa, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic equipment and other furniture delivered to them in working and intact condition in a clean manner. They will pay for any damage they may cause to the villa during their stay, and for any lost property, without leaving the villa.

Customers will be considerate of the neighbors around the villa and will avoid any behavior and noise that may disturb the environment. They will not keep any illegal weapons, drugs, etc., they will not accommodate legally wanted persons / fugitives in the villa, in short, the villa will not be used for any illegal activity.

The customer is also responsible for possible accidents and damages that may occur due to his own fault in the rented house during the rental period and other individuals accompanying him.

The maximum number of persons is specified in the descriptions of each holiday residence. It should not exceed the number of guests specified during the rental period and confirmed on the receipt/document, including children and infants. If the maximum number of people who can stay at home is exceeded, a large number of people will be asked to leave the house or a certain amount of extra fee will be charged.

During the pre-reservation phase of the holiday residence, transactions are carried out in line with the customer's declaration. The customer accepts and undertakes that the information he has given is correct and complete. Our company is not responsible for the problems caused by incomplete or incorrect information given by the customer.

Pets and Cigarettes

It is forbidden to bring pets to all our rental villas, except for our villas with pet permission. Otherwise, Nokta Villa is authorized to terminate the agreement unilaterally and has the right to evict the customer without any refund.


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