Sea View Villas
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4+1 detached villa for rent in Oludeniz, Fethiye. Our villas, which were established in a special location with its modern architectural beauty in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region, are waiting for you, our esteemed guests, for your dream holiday with its clean air, nature and mountain scenery decorated with endemic plants and pine forests on the Baba mountain road.
  • 8 Person
  • 4  Bedroom
  • 4  Bath
Nightly Prices Between£ 167 - £ 500
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  • 8 Person
  • 4  Bedroom
  • 4  Bath
Nightly Prices Between£ 167 - £ 537
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  • 10 Person
  • 1  Bedroom
  • 0  Bath
Nightly Prices Between£ 383 - £ 912

Sea View Villas


Conservative villas with sea views are among the accommodation facilities we can choose when making holiday plans. Sea view holiday villas allow us to enjoy being by the sea and offer a relaxing environment.

Sitting against the view or watching the view in such villas allows us to relax mentally while relieving our fatigue. Sea view villas are a particularly preferred option for those looking for a conservative vacation. These villas offer the opportunity to vacation freely while at the same time offering accommodation in accordance with conservative values. Staying in holiday villas with sea views adds a special beauty to our holiday experience. Having a beautiful view makes our vacation more enjoyable and unforgettable.


A Peaceful Getaway in Stylish and Luxury Sea View Villas


A stylish and luxurious conservative sea view villa is the perfect option for a peaceful getaway. Offering a personal experience with its sheltered and private structure, these villas make everyone's dream vacation a reality. All amenities and details in the villas are exclusive to the tenant and are for their sole use. 

In this way, he can put his sun lounger in front of the sea, read his book and freely enjoy the magnificent sea view. Equipped with stylish and luxurious details, the villas fascinate vacationers with their dazzling beauty. You can find your own piece of paradise in sea view villas and have an unforgettable vacation experience.

Stylish and luxurious conservative sea view holiday villas are located in nature and offer a peaceful getaway. Thanks to the sheltered structure of the villas, privacy and security are provided, while at the same time there is the opportunity to be intertwined with nature. Stylish and luxuriously decorated villas offer a wonderful atmosphere with the synergy of green and blue. Another advantage of being intertwined with nature is having clean and fresh air. While spending your time in holiday villas with sea views, you can relax with fresh air and enjoy the beauties of nature. For a beautiful vacation experience, it would be a great option to choose stylish and luxurious sea view villas.


Crown Your Holiday with Sea View and Pool Pleasure in Our Private Villas!


You can crown your vacation with sea view and pool pleasure in our private villas. In our sea view holiday villas, there are private villas with an infinite pool concept. The endless pool concept is a design that looks like it never ends when you look at the pool or when you enter it. Let's explain how we achieved this concept in our sea view villas.

By positioning our pools in relation to the sea and arranging the garden of our villa accordingly, we offer our guests a truly endless sea view experience. By spending your vacation in our private villas, you can relax and enjoy the pool in our conservative sea view villas. Our rental villas offer you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable vacation with their special concepts. If you want to find yourself in a luxurious and comfortable environment, you can choose our private villas. You can crown your vacation with the endless pool pleasure offered by our sea view holiday villas.


Conservative Holiday is Enjoyed in Villas with Sea View


 An ideal option is offered for those who want to enjoy their conservative holiday in villas with sea views. You can enjoy the sea view at the highest level from places such as the terrace and glass balcony in the villa.  These conservative villas with high walls do not block the view and give you a magnificent experience. You can dine, relax, read a book and drink tea and coffee with music.

The spot where the pool is located is also safe and sheltered, so you can cool off as you wish. Your vacation in sea view villas will be peaceful and relaxing. While sitting on the terrace or balcony, the sea view will fascinate you and invite you to enjoy the tranquility. These villas, designed in accordance with your conservative holiday understanding, will offer you an unforgettable experience. In these villas, you will meet your dreams and spend your vacation as you wish.

Conservative villas offering sea views also have seating areas in their gardens. In the evenings, you can comfortably consume your meal by the pool, isolated from the outside world. You can both get fresh air and have a pleasant time by witnessing the charm of the pool illuminated in the evening hours.  

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