1) Villa-Apart-Apartments can be pre-booked by using the booking form on our website or by phone or by e-mail. NOKTA VILLA rental terms and conditions By specifying the dates when you will rent the Villa-Apart-Apartments that you want to rent, obtaining the necessary transportation and billing information from you, your pre-rental process is performed.

2) For cancellations made 60 days or more before the booking date, 50% of the total amount of the prepayment deposited will be deducted and the remaining part will be refunded to the guest.

3) For cancellations made within 45 days or less of the reservation date, the total amount of the prepayment deposited will NOT be REFUNDED TO the GUEST.

4) If the cancellation of the reservation takes place 30 days before the date of entry into the house or if the house is not checked in, the entire remaining payment amount will be charged to the customer.

5) Wars in the country, natural disasters in the region where accommodation will be made, epidemics throughout the country will be evaluated within the scope of compulsory reason.

6) In cases covered by compulsory reason; (Funeral, Death, War, Travel-Preventing Health Problem, Epidemics), the VILLA and the customer may terminate this agreement mutually without taking any legal responsibility.

7) Reservation cancellations must be indicated by e-mail or fax in writing to NOKTA VILLA. Notifications that are mandatory to be made in writing and not made in writing will not be accepted. If the customer leaves the Villa-Apart-Apartment early at his own request, the customer will not be refunded any money for the accommodation fee.

8) As of 2020, COVID-19, defined as a pandemic by the WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), is related to our upcoming guests and 1. A positive test result that poses a risk to the relatives of the degree is a reason for CANCELLATION / POSTPONEMENT.

Firstly, the 100% uninterrupted cancellation of the prepayment is ensured by transmitting the COVID 19 test result and the doctor's report of the guest who will come to the facilities.

For group and crowded family bookings, the cancellation of the family with a positive status is supported. If the guests wish, the priority is given to postponing the holiday after the risk period has passed. If all our dear guests coming from abroad are banned from going to / entering Turkey within the country, the reservation can be suspended or canceled if the guest wishes. If the test result of our overseas guests turns out to be positive, a full 100% refund of their payment is provided. If the guest wishes, he can move forward to a later date, provided that it is within the same period.

Our guests have accepted all the conditions that we have specified above, this and so on. If it deems that it is trying to terminate the lease agreement by producing excuses, NOKTA VILLA may use the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and the right to charge the contract price.

9) Tenant (Customer), Villa-VILLA NOKTA at the entrance to the apartment’ s by “ Villa-apartment lease agreement “ read, understand, and are required to sign, otherwise; Nokta Villa " or all the money previously paid will not be returned to the customer and Villa-apartment accommodation will not be built.(the lease will be terminated unilaterally, BY NOKTA VILLA). The POINT is that the VILLA will have the right to claim the full price in the contract. You can get a copy of the Villa-Apart-Apartment agreement from the POINT VILLA authority after mutual signatures have been made.

During the entry into the Villa-Apart-Apartments between the dates of our guests' stay, the key is delivered to the guest after the necessary information and introductions are made by the Representative.

10 Dec Our guests must assume their own security between the dates of their stay. Villa-Apart-POINT VILLA is not responsible for any security vulnerabilities that may occur in the apartment.

Fethiye Executive Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise related to the issues covered by this agreement.

11) Our guests who have booked any of our Villas – Apartments – Apartments are deemed to have accepted all of the above conditions. In violation of any of these terms, ” NOKTA VILLA ” has the right to unilaterally cancel reservations, not to refund and to charge the full fee.


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