Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if there is a problem during the accomodation?

Our team has thought of everything you need so that you do not encounter any negativity during your holiday. We will share the information you will need with you 3 days before your stay and we will be just a phone call away for any questions you may have about the villa of the region during your holiday.


What is a sheltered villa?

In our sheltered villas, each of which has a private pool and garden area designed to be invisible from the outside, the pools and gardens are sheltered so that you can spend your holiday in privacy both in the pool and in the garden. It is meticulously designed and away from unwanted glances.


How can I pay?

Payments to be made by EFT, money order, credit card etc. payment is received. Installments are not available for credit cards.


What types of villas do you have and what are the options?


Villas suitable for sheltered and halal-friendly-villas

Honeymoon villas

Villas suitable for large families

Villas with nature view

Sea view villas

Villas close to the center


How is the prices and is the price given according to the number of people?

Our villas are priced on a per night stay. Each villa has a maximum number of people and guests stay up to this number.


How can I rent, how can I make a reservation?

First of all, you should determine the dates of the villa you want to rent. After sending your pre-reservation request for the villa you have specified in the pre-reservation form, our team will check the availability of the villa on the specified dates and get back to you as soon as possible and start your reservation process. A reservation form will be sent to you after you deposit the pre-specified amount of the fee to our company account as credit card, EFT and wire transfer. Thus, the dates of the villa you have chosen will be reserved for you. The remaining fee is delivered to the authorized person in cash at the entrance to the villa.


What is included in the villa rental fee?

All electrical goods you may need during your stay in our villas, all kitchen tools and utensils, kettle, tv and satellite receivers, towels, bedding and where necessary quilts and air conditioners are included. Electricity and water usage are included in your accommodation.


Is there an extra fee that will be included in the Villa fee?

If you request, we have a half-board/dinner system in some of our rented villas. Transfer to be requested and extra house cleaning are also extra charge.


How much is the deposit?

A damage deposit is taken from our guests at the entrance to the villas or apartments. This fee varies according to each unit. At the end of your stay, necessary checks are made during check-out and the deposit is refurned to the guest as long as there is no damage or loss. If there is a loss, the amount of the damage is collected from the deposit given after the determination of the damage. If the mentioned loss is more than the deposit, the guest will be charged the remaining amount.


How to cancel a reservation?

You have the right to change the dates you have made for the rented villas and apartments. However, these situations vary depending on some terms and conditions. Reservation changes are subject to a processing fee of 150 TL. Because the change of your reservation date, even for one day, means that all the reservation forms sent to the host and you are rearranged and changed. It is a separate criterion depending on how long before you want to change your reservation date. If less than 30 days are left before your entry to the villa, the date cannot be changed.


Why are you requesting our identification information?


Due to legal requirements, your identity information is reported to the relevant legal units.


Do you have villas and apartments close to the sea, beach, entertainment centres, hospital, center and markets?

The locations of our rented villas and apartments are different, and the places where each villa is close to vehicles and pedestrians are changable. You can get detailed information about the subject from us.


Is there any actual difference in the Villas we see and reserve on your website?

The photos presented on our website are the own and current photos of each unit, no corrections / manipulations are made on these photos. All units are shot by us and presented to you, our guests, in the clearest way.


How and when is the garden maintenance and pool cleaning done?

Pool cleaning and the garden maintenance of all our pools are done daily by the staff in the morning hours.


How is the extra cleaning request and is it subject to a fee?

All of our rented villas and apartments have been cleaned at the entrance and are presented with clean sheets and towels. We have free interim cleaning service for stays longer than two weeks. If you request additional cleaning, it will be charged.


Do you accept pets?

Pets are not allowed, except for the villas that are specified as pets. As an agency, we are not responsible for cancellations made by the host in the event of an unspecified pet.


Is there an early booking or any discount?

We do not have discounts during the June-July-August periods, which are described as the high season. In other cases, in case of discounts, the necessary information is provided in the price information presented on our website.


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